Spagetti Thread Pack in the Brights Colorway

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Wonderfil Spagetti 12wt Cotton - 8 x 200 Yard spools
    8 beautiful 200 yard spools of 12wt 100% Egypotian cotton double gassed for a smooth, clean finish.
    Spagetti™ is now available in five gorgeous thread pack sets!
    With colours selected by Susan Cleveland, quilt designer, author and teacher, these Spagetti™ packs are guaranteed to make a beautiful impression on any project.
    Spagetti 12wt 100% Egyptian Cotton Spagetti™ thread is recommended for machine stitching, quilting, applique, decorative stitching,wool applique  and topstitching. 

    Colours in the pack:

    SP-01 Bright Warm Red
    SP-02 Fun Orange
    SP-03 Golden Yellow
    SP-04 Chartreuse
    SP-05 Turquoise
    SP-06 Denim
    SP-07 Deep Royal Purple
    SP-08 Magenta
    EL5G-100 White
    EL5G-200 Black