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Rainbow Rainforest by Elizabeth Hartman

Rainbow Rainforest by Elizabeth Hartman

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Rainbow Rainforest is a sampler quilt pattern featuring nine different 24" x 24" blocks featuring animals of the Amazon Rainforest. Make a Large Quilt with a Capybara, Pink River Dolphin, Sloth, Toucan, Armadillo, Jaguar, Monkey, Tapir, and Caiman, a Small Quilt with your four favorites, or a pillow made from any single block. 

This pattern also includes diagrams and charts showing all of the pieces needed to make each block. You can use these as a reference while making the pattern projects, or as a guide for making individual blocks and scrappy projects.

Rainbow Rainforest quilts include small pieces. The pattern will walk you through the process of sewing them with both diagrams and written instructions for each step. 

Finished size options ( inches)  Small 54 x 54, Large 82 x 82

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