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Konfetti Thread Pack in the Forest Floor Colourway

Konfetti Thread Pack in the Forest Floor Colourway

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100% cotton quilting and sewing thread is now available in half size (500m, 547yd) spools and come in these cute and colourful packages! With 5 collections to choose from, colours are selected to suit multiple purposes from neutrals to pastels.
Konfetti™ packs are great to pick up for those who want to start their WonderFil™ thread collection as every pack comes with a cut-out hints and tips card you can keep in your sewing room, so you always have our recommended needle sizes and other guidelines on hand. They also make fantastic gifts for your sewing enthusiast friends!

Forest Floor Pack contains:

  • KT400 Gold
  • KT611 Brass Green
  • KT612 Olive Green
  • KT708 Dark Olive
  • KT613 Grey Khaki
  • KT703 Avocado Green
  • KT707 Pine Green and
  • KT810 Warm Brown

Available in 5 colour collections, 8 colours per pack.

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