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Jack Loom Eight Shaft 97cm / 38" Floor Loom

Jack Loom Eight Shaft 97cm / 38" Floor Loom

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Specifications of the Jack Loom: 

eight shaft, ten treadle 97cm (38') weaving width, folding Jack loom. Create your own beautiful fabrics with ease on this strong compact loom.

58kg (127lb)
97cm (38")
- 12dpi (48/10) stainless steel reed
- 35cm (14") boat shuttle
- 5 cross sticks
- 10 wooden warpsticks
- 100 x texsolv heddles per shaft
- eight shafts
- ten treadles
- bottom pivot beater with built-in shuttle race
- easy action warp advancement with steel ratchet
- friction rear brake
- built-in raddle with cap rail
- removable back beam
- extra stainless-steel reeds available in 5 sizes
- extra texsolv heddles available


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