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Sir Legitsalot

Sir Legitsalot

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Sir Legitsalot brings to mind King Arthur and saving princesses. But these days he is on the quest for the dragon that has been terrorizing the quilters of North Full Bobbinhamshire. This design is created with rich reds and shades of grey to give his armor depth and movement. This is the perfect statement piece for history buffs and gamers or as a companion piece to Toasty the Dragon. Don't let Sir Legitsalot go on quests without you!

Top finishes at 60"x80"

This pattern contains:
•    Color maps
•    Fabric lists
•    Assembly guide
•    Foundation paper piecing instructions
•    The full pattern printed on foundation paper
•    No Y seams

This is a quilt top pattern only. Knowledge of foundation paper piecing is required to assemble this work of art. The basics of paper piecing are explained in a short photo enhanced guide included with your kit as well as further recommendations for learning this exciting technique.

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