Sew Steady Large Table 18″ x 24″ Special Bundle - Available until 31 March 2022

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Large Table Bundle Includes:

  •  18” x 24” extension table
    o Rounded front edge
    o 16” Ruler printed on front edge
    o 5 Pop On Legs
  • Plus BONUS Accessories!
    • Quilters Rear View Mirror – A convenient way to see behind your presser foot, great for quilting with templates.
  • Stitchers Spotlight Add-on – Stitcher’s Spotlight Add-on 6 LED lights with a special diffuser to provide the perfect brightness

Large 18 x 24″ Sew Steady Tables, made of high-quality acrylic, comes with the following features: Rounded front edge for comfort, 5 pop on pop off legs ideal for transport and storage. Also includes 16″ permanent inches & metric ruler printed on underside of table.

Really important Notes:

  • These tables are made to your specific sewing machine so you MUST provide details of the make and model.  Add the details at the checkout under Special instructions for seller.
  • As a custom-made item, it can take up to four weeks to arrive but is generally not that long.
  • The tables are drop shipped from the US, so despite us having free shipping for items over $150.00, this does not apply to these tables.  We will pay (subsidize) around half the shipping, so do not change the default drop shipping option at the checkout.