Botanical Journal by Clothworks

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Designed by Iron Orchid Designs, this is a very detailed fabric range with a slightly antique type of vibe.  Glorious depth, straight off the pages of a watercolour garden journal. 

I know these sisters for their stamps and transfers designed for furniture upcycling.  They describe their style as "Consistent with their name, their work plays with contrast and incorporates a velvet refinery with an industrial edge that they like to refer to as vintage glam funk. Think velvet and silk, concrete and re-bar, and throw in a Picasso for a good dose of the unexpected and whimsical."  I think, but could be wrong, that this is their first fabric range.  I am guaranteed to add them to the must have everything they do category because this fabric is to die for.

Pricing is based on 25 cm increments.  Purchase in quarter metre increments. 1 equals 25cms, 4 is a full metre.