Alpaca/Merino Sliver Sample Pack- 10 fibres

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Start with a wonderful colour palette of merino/alpaca wool blends.  See all the colours and then select your favourites to buy more of.  Includes a fibre colour chart.

Allow a couple of days for these to be packed before shipping.

There are eight packs available in these sample packs. 

Each box has approx. 750 - 880gm (26 - 31ozs) fibre per pack and includes a convenient fibre colour chart.

Corriedale Light - 21 colours - (approx 40g each)
Corriedale Bright - 21 colours - (approx 40g each)
Corriedale Dark - 21 colours - (approx 40g each)
Merino Pack 1 - Light - 21 colours - (approx 40g each)
Merino Pack 2 - Dark - 21 colours - (approx 40g each)
Silk Merino - 15 colours - (approx 50g each)
Alpaca Merino - 10 colours - (approx 75g each)
Merino Full Colour Range - 58 Colours (approx 15g each)

Additional fibre can be bought in 100g bags, 500g bumps or 1kg packs.