Almost Alchemy Fabric Dyeing Online Class

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Starts September 2020

Learn everything you need to know to create ALL the hand dyed colours.  Once you understand the chemistry and processes you can work out everything you need to know.  Build runs, rainbows, families and neutrals.   

Initially spread over 10 monthly sessions, the class material is yours forever.

 Monthly content will include:

  1. Dyeing Basics – chemistry, maths, submerging your fabric
  2. Primary Rainbows
  3. Blends with non Primaries
  4. Building all the Compliments
  5. Gradations from light to dark and more
  6. Shades and Tints a different way
  7. Blended, painted, brilliant
  8. Fold, pleat, clamp – basic Shibori
  9. Mark making with stamps, stencils and screens
  10. 50 Shades of grey or something.

Each month you will get unique content including video tutorials, pdf worksheets and handouts to print or save, loads of examples of different finishes and effects and projects so you can use your fabric if you want to.

 You can start at any stage and work through the material in your own time.  Once you have access to the online content, it remains with you permanently.  You can go back to it at any time.  A private Facebook Group will be available to share ideas, success stories and questions.  Tutor support is always available via email and other means.

 Cost of the full class programme is $60.00.  Once you book in, you will receive log in details and access to a free project to play with while you wait for the class to start.  Each month new material will be released as close to the first Saturday of the month as possible.  You can access any material, any time once it is released.