Felt - 100% Wool and various blends

There are so many uses for felt and depending on the use, some felts are better than others.  Felts range from acrylic to 100% merino wool.  In between there are a lot of blends.  Rayon/Wool blended felt brings more strength to the table and will not pill.  100% merino wool felt is the queen of the felt world and is generally used for quilts and garments, but is not necessary for bags, toys, ornaments and more.  Acrylic felts often get a really bad name, but not all acrylic felts are awful.  Ours are made from recycled plastic bottles and it is a much better quality than what you will find in the big chain or discount stores. Use it for ornaments, bags, kids books and so much more.  It is also great to hit with a heat gun.  

Regardless of what project you want to complete, we have a felt option for you.

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